Independent Event Production



Meet Rachel + Stephanie.

Rachel Coddington

Rachel is not afraid to admit it: she's bold, loud, and gets things done. Her resume reads like a collection of short stories- from bedazzling custom leotards to substitute teaching to beatboxing to venue management; she's tried her hand at many things. Events, however, are her home- the perfect blend of creativity, organization, and relationship building. She's honed a deep love for spreadsheets and color-coding. From volunteers to high-level sponsors, Rachel can talk to anyone, and she can't wait to talk to you. 



Stephanie Maul

Stephanie hails from the world of project management, where she's fine-tuned processes that work for independents, small teams, and corporations alike. She's detail-obsessed and loves beating deadlines. She's got a keen eye for aesthetics and creative, and adds a touch of artistry to everything she does. Events became her focus when she set out on her own as an entrepreneur, but she moonlights as a consultant and project manager, too. 

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